Take outs ‘Google Analytics User Conference’ on Data Management Platforms

Presentation from the ‘Google Analytics User Conference’ on Data Management Platforms.

Last Thursday, 25th of August, Faas Broersma was speaker on the ‘Google Analytics User Conference’ (GAUC) 2016 in Belgium. This event is all about getting more results out of Google Analytics.


In this session, Faas explained how to use Data Management Platforms (DMP’s) to connect customer data from all types of channels and use these in Google Analytics. This allows companies to get a full view of their customer, using one analytics tool.


“I was happy to see so many people interested in connecting the data and acknowledging the need for omni-channel measurement. The final presentation from Google (around their new product stack) also emphasised the power of getting the complete picture and I hope I gave some ideas on how to get there.”


Google Analytics User Conference public


This event is organized by Bloovi, in partnership with Google Belgium. For more information on the event:


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