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ShoppingTomorrow Analytics & Big Data expert group

Faas Broersma, from Broersma Consultancy, has been part of the Analytics & Big Data expert group from ShoppingTomorrow.

What is ShoppingTomorrow?

ShoppingTomorrow is a platform where Dutch retailers are tracking the developments of consumer behavior, technology and the (international) market. The goal is to come to concrete action plans to improve their own competitive position. This research platform is initiated by and is been supported by 24 industry associations.


What was the focus of the expert group?

The focus was Analytics & Big Data, with five different subjects:

1. Data integration

2. Applying prediction models

3. Big Data & pricing

4. Customer profiling

5. Data visualization


Big Data is getting more important but the huge challenge is to create added value out of this enormous amount of data. Continuously improvements are not sufficient and big steps need to be taken. But how? That’s the focus of this ‘Analytics & Big Data’ expert group, containing 16 professionals. The report is written in Dutch.


To get more information about ShoppingTomorrow and the ‘Analytics & Big Data’ expert group, click here.


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